Mike Young 2015-08-06

Welcome new member, Michael Young, 2015-08-05

Welcome new member, Michael Young

Marine Salvage/Boat delivery

Soldering РPCB Through Hole, Hand Tools, Welding РFlux Core, Welding РMIG, Welding РTIG, Welding РArc Stick, Welding РGAS Brazing, Welding РGAS Cutting, Machine РMetal Lathe, Machine РMetal Drill Press, Machine РTable Saw Wood, Machine РMill 2.5D, Machine РBand  Saw, Video РCamera Operation, Video РEditing, Video РVoice over

I came up with a Million $ Idea for an extremely limited market and have very few electronic skills.

I can barely build the circuit and need some direction. I also have too many other projects to build, and the makerspace workshop seems to be a great place to make it all happen.

Booth duty at public events., Build Makerspace projects.

Mike Young 2015-08-06
Mike Young 2015-08-06