Show N Tell 11-20-2013 Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our latest Show N Tell. This week, we had several great projects shown.

Brad from Ultibots showed off the ability of their 3D printers by bringing in a Hexcopter. There was no flight but telling us about the abilities of their robot. Maybe we’ll invite him to the Makerspace and he can fly it there.

IMG_00000240 IMG_00000242



Michael Newman showed off his Video Sans Video Game. A device that moves a paper ribbon with Etch-A-Sketch controls to move a figure. It’s very thought out. There is a video coming soon of this. Michael was also selected by Make Magazine to create a render for a Ford Transit for their Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge. You can see a video of his pitch along with some renders and a small description of this project here.



IMG_00000250 IMG_00000243 IMG_00000244 IMG_00000245 IMG_00000246 IMG_00000247 IMG_00000248 IMG_00000249

James Dinsmore showed off quite a few interesting things this week. He tried his hand in some hand made Sugru. Using 100% silicon and some cornstarch with a dab of acrylic paint, he managed to make a really bouncy ball and a few other things. He also brought in a bubble machine for his wife’s job to entertain children. I can say it worked. It uses a PIR sensor and a timer to turn the device on and off but only when someone is in the area. Lastly, he was testing some batteries for Jaycon Systems to figure out how big their new batteries were from their trip to China. He created a data logger to determine battery capacity.

IMG_00000260 IMG_00000261 IMG_00000259 IMG_00000257 IMG_00000256 IMG_00000255 IMG_00000254 IMG_00000262 IMG_00000266

Lastly, Chase brought in some EL wire he was playing with. He was able to successfully splice 2 colors together which would make it easier to create more elaborate designs rather than having multiple power supplies.

IMG_00000265 IMG_00000267 IMG_00000268 IMG_00000263 IMG_00000264


Come to our next ShowNTell on December 4, 2013 and see what else our members have in store. Or bring something to show yourself!