Basic Breadboard Electronics Week 1 of 10: Introduction Recap

This past weekend was the Introduction of our 10 week Basic Breadboard Electronics classes. It was a great turnout for the first class with over 20 in attendance. The kits provided to us by Jaycon Systems were very helpful in providing a basic knowledge of Ohms Law. James did a fantastic job introducing basic electronics principles to the class. I’m sure that the following 9 weekends will be just as great as this one.

Next week, we look into Component Identification. There are 2 parts to this course. Part 1 and Part 2. If you are not RSVPd to the course, click here to confirm on our Meetup page so Jaycon can have enough kits for everyone. Remember, the kits are not mandatory but are very helpful when doing the labs.

Here are some pictures from of this weekends class.

IMGP8647 IMGP8648 IMGP8649 IMGP8650 IMGP8651 IMGP8652 IMGP8653 IMGP8656 IMGP8657 IMGP8658 IMGP8659 IMGP8660 IMGP8661 IMGP8662 IMGP8663 IMGP8664 IMGP8665 IMGP8666 IMGP8667 IMGP8668