SQL Class was a Great Success!

We had our SQL / database management class yesterday December 12, 2015. This was class 5 of 5 for the web development series so now everyone who has come to the classes have learned just the tip of the iceberg for the major parts for getting a web site, web app, or internet of things (IoT) projects. Just like a lot of our classes there’s no real way to pack everything about a single subject into a two hour class. So we teach the big overview and overall topics of a subject to give everyone plenty of information that should help them continue learning on their own. Basically, after the class everyone should have learned enough about the subject to know what to search for on the internet. Knowing what to search for in books and the web makes it much easier to continue learning on your own. The topics covered in the class also helps everyone ask better questions so they can increase their knowledge even faster. Remember, if there are any topics you want to learn about or if there are topics we’ve already taught that you (members and the public!) want to have another class about let us know by emailing us and letting us know!

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