Chair Party!

Today we had a great chair party!  What’s a chair party you ask?  It’s where you have 20 chairs that need assembly and you invite everyone to come out, eat donuts, and put them all together in a giant assembly line.  We were able to assemble 15 chairs in about 45-50 minutes!  Thanks to everyone that came out on a Saturday and helped put our awesome new chairs together.  Now our hodgepodge of old chairs are outside and on Craigslist – free to a good home!  Drop by if you would like a free chair while they last.

Here’s some pictures taken during the chair party:

20151219_103509 20151219_103520 20151219_103528 20151219_103532 20151219_103537 20151219_103541 20151219_103555 20151219_103604 20151219_103612 20151219_103620