Retro Gaming Night 2015

_MG_8947We just held our first ever Retro Gaming Night on Saturday. It was a huge success! There were at least 40 attendees throughout the day.


Most of the games were played on emulators but some classic machines were brought to share with everyone. There was a Nintendo Virtual Boy, an Original Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, a Retro-Bit dual gaming system that played both NES and SuperNES games, a Nintendo Game Cube and a Nintedo N64.


We had a lot of Nintendo systems, emulators were put on all our available computers and on 2 Raspberry Pi microcomputers running RetroPi, and of course our MAME cabinet that is at the Makerspace where we held our Ms. Pac-Man Tournament.


Many games were played including Mike Tyson’s Punch out, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong Country, The Lion King, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Brothers, Mario Tennis on the Nintendo Virtual Boy, and many more!

IMG_8940The tournaments we held were a big hit! The games were played periodically throughout the day and scores recorded to make game play easy on everyone. This also gave everyone a chance to take breaks between games and try new or old things. We told also how to use and where to find cheap lol boosting.IMG_8932There were a lot of members of our regular board game nights in attendance and set up some board games to play. Some of the games were Orleans and Tesla Vs. Edison. IMG_8953

The whole day turned into a huge open house. Later in the day, we were able to get our new 3D scanner assembled and working. There are a few hiccups but they are being worked on. IMG_8963

Some people were even working making things with the 3D printer. We were able to introduce some new minds to the world of additive printing.  IMG_8965

At the end of the night, we awarded the medals to the winners of our Tetris, Ms Pac-Man, and Oregon Trail tournaments.


This was a very successful day for our inaugural Retro Game Night. Thanks to everyone that came out and played games, built things, and met some new friends. We are sure to hold another event in the future!


Florida Today also, came by and interviewed a few people who attended.That article can be found at this link (