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This is a $130 kit of parts. It is undefeated.
This is the “small” robot kit. We’ve named this one “Renegade”.
This is the “large” robot kit. We’ve named this one “Ben-hur”.
Mini sumo bot battle on our regulation size arena!

Our next class series will be building, programming, testing, and fighting mini sumo robots!  Mini sumo bots are fully autonomous with no remote controls!  We have worked tirelessly putting together kits full of parts to bring the cost way down so almost anyone can get started for $26!  We laser cut and 3D printed as many parts as we could instead of having to buy those parts.  We have 20 kits total with 10 kits of each for the “small” robot or the “large” robot.  So make sure to RSVP on the meetup page and write a comment to say which kind of kit you would like.  A single kit can be used by a single person or a whole team.  The class will actually be spread over four consecutive Saturdays from 10 am to 12 noon starting on October 29. The first class we will help each other put the kits together and actually build the robots.  The second class we will show how to program the robots how to react and turn around when it finds the edge of the arena, and go straight forward if it sees the other robot in front of it.  The third class we will finish programming and doing testing on the actual arena.  The fourth class will be a full tournament with prizes for the top finishers!  More information can be found here: and on our wiki page here:

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