2nd Annual Retro Gaming Night

We will wipe the dust from our original Nintendo, get the old Apple IIe out of the closet, crank up the Sega Genesis, and have a big party playing old retro games!  Any computer game or console that came out before the year 2000 will be allowed.  We’ll even have a few systems with hundreds of retro games to pick from!  There will be snacks, three different game tournaments including Super Mario Bros, with prizes for the winners!  Bring the whole family down and relive the days when you couldn’t save your progress and had to start over every time, or when the Atari cartridge didn’t seat properly and showed those crazy glitches on the screen, and when the music in games were generated by microchips instead of full blow symphonic orchestras recorded in high definition.  Let’s get our pixelated fun on!

Here’s a news article from last year’s event: