Settled in to Our New Space


Hello makers! It’s been a few months in our new space, and it seems we’ve finally settled in.


Our classroom area has been set up, offering more space to teach, to learn, and to make! A projector, tables for work, and even whiteboards have been installed. Pictured are Josh, Josh, and Dean.


At the entrance we have some of our previous projects, the donation box, office supplies, and the 48 projects put together my our very own James Dinsmore!

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To the left can be seen our 3D printers, the Makerbot Replicator 2, Jojo, and the Deltamaker. On stage is our electronics tools and workbench, complete with power supplies, oscilloscopes, tools, and soldering supplies! A desk is placed against the wall that allows for easy access for the projector and teaching classes


To the right of the classroom, we have tables for work (one with a whiteboard for notes!), our member’s project boxes, the arcade machine complete with a number of games, our sewing table with embroidery machine, and you can even see the corner of our vacuum former!

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A bit further on the right can be seen our television hooked up to a raspberry pi, allowing play of older video games such as NES and SNES. To the right of it is our Shapeoko CNC mill, which Jason has just recently gotten working again! To the right is our biohacker supplies, a UV box, a two story incubator, and a Class II biosafety hood. Trevor is trying to culture and isolate bio-luminescent algae from the Indian River.


Going a bit further into the space shows off several of our projects. These lightning bolt patterns are called Lichtenberg patterns, created by high voltage going through the wood. Tony found a neon light transformer, allowing us to create lightning in an open space.


Here we have a bunch of wiring, scrap wood in the back, a work table, and a power saw.


To the right, the power sanders and sawblades can be seen, as well as a rack for tools.


Our woodworking area, complete with table saw in the corner and tool racks. The drillpress can be seen in the foreground, and the storage room in back. Hidden there, there is a bandsaw dedicated to metal!


The frame in the corner houses all of the numerous clamps. The table saw can be seen, with a drill press, a bandsaw, the particulate dust collection system, and several other tools.

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Continuing further into the space, we can find the metalworking area! A metal mill is up against the wall, we even have a metalworking lathe! Tools adorn the walls and shelves for use in the space. An arc welder and mask can be seen, but do not ever EVER use it inside the space! The bay door exists for a reason!


In the last room, we have our 40W CO2 laser cutter! A laptop is dedicated for use for it, but it can be used from other computers on the Melbourne Makerspace website. The shelf behind is dedicated to scrap work, and several examples can be seen on the table.


Through the door from the laser cutter, we return to the classroom. Thank you for checking out Melbourne Makerspace! We look forward to seeing you!