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Brainstorming Session for Library Mini ’48 Projects’

Test Pattern

An undisclosed Librarian, has approached me to see if our Makerspace can help them implement something similar to our 48 Projects for the undisclosed location.

Joe and I made a field trip to survey their facility and resources; we would like to meet this Saturday morning at 10:00 to lay out the project. There is room for a lot of participation, of making 6 or so Pi 3 computer stations, of making some custom hardware, of training the library volunteer staff and having a kick-off event once all of this is set up. This is really big and really fun and can provide great visibility for our maker community and space.

They have a banker box full of breadboards, jumpers and some parts; we will need donations of Arduino Uno’s and Pi 3s, as well as sensors, and other electronic doo-dads. Blogs will need to be rewritten to eliminate downloading and installing drivers; we will create a master SD card that has everything necessary to do all of the projects. We also will need some woodworking for a removable 5′ power strip. Many hands make for light work, and many minds will distill the best ideas; please come and join in!


To RSVP for this planning session, please visit our Meetup Event.

Event time: 26 August 2017 @ 10:00 A.M.