Front Door Lock and Keys

MMS Lock and Key (1)

In order to recover the use of the front office area. It was proposed and accepted that the front door be re-keyed and members be given keys.

2014-08-01 The Lock was changed on the front door. We received twenty (20) keys. Keys are numbered and are stamped “DO NOT DUPLICATE”.

2014-08-04 At the Makerspace, Dale Noble issued keys to members. This involved the taking of members picture, adding that picture to a form and the member filling in the form and signing it.

We have more keys. If a member wants a key, contact Dale Noble (321-626-6111 or to arrange a date and time have the key issued.

2014-08-15 Meetup was scheduled for Monday 2014-08-18 to remind members that the door lock policy becomes effective Monday 2014-08-18.


A Melbourne Makerspace key holder is responsible for the safety and security of the facility.  A key holding member must insure that the facility is secure when they leave the facility.  If the member is the last member with a key when they leave, they must clear and secure the facility.

For Key Control blank document, click link:  Melbourne Makerspace Key Control


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