DIY Christmas Ornaments Recap

Last Wednesday for Arts n Crafts night we had a guest teacher for making our own Christmas ornaments.  There were clear ball style ornaments that we decorated by putting chunks of crayons inside.  Then we used hair dryers and heat guns to melt the crayons and then move the ball around to “paint” the inside into patterns and colors.  There was plenty of glitter and paint and other things to decorate as well.  Then we had a small branch/stump of wood that we used the band saw to cut into slices.  Then we used paint to decorate the wood slices and a drill press to put a hole in the top for the hook to hang on the tree.  We also used the laser cutter to etch words and Georgia Tech logos into the back side of the painted log slices.  There was a box of hobby plywood boards we used in the laser to cut out snowflakes, angels, and other decorations to be painted later.  Everyone loved it and had a great time letting their creating juices flow.

Here’s a link to the other photos: