Custom Wooden Thread Spool Wall Hanger

Another great project built by one of our members, Steve Newell:

I have a commercial sewing machine and I make big stuff, which means I go through a lot of thread.  I couldn’t find a wall storage unit that would accommodate the bigger spools – all of them seemed geared to the smaller spools with shorter posts and less spacing between the centers, and were made of lightweight materials stapled together.  I had one and it was OK, but it was hard to remove spools without causing other ones to fall and sometimes they just fell off on their own.  I used the same concept for the replacement, but increased the diameter and length of the posts and the spacing between centers, basing both on the largest size spools.  I used oak hobby panels and dowels from Home Depot, and made good use of the Makerspace tools.  It’s a bit over-built, but it works exactly as planned.  On top of that I learned a lot in the process and had a good time building it.  Could not have done it without the Makerspace tools, and I’m looking at what to start on next.

Here’s the old one, with and without thread:
And here’s what the new one looks like: