Arduino Bootcamp: Day One

Today was day one of the Arduino Bootcamp. Arduino is an easy to use micro-controller platform that allows you to create simple or very complex electronic projects. You can learn more at We will hold the second class in this series next Saturday on June 25. To RSVP, head over to the MeetUp page for the class to sign up.

We had a tremendous turnout for this class! There were many different types of programmers in attendance. From novice programmers to experienced, everyone was able to leave learning something new. If you would like to try Arduino for yourself, you can get a kit from Amazon.IMG_0072

Along with our great instructors, there were a few Makerspace members in attendance to help with all the questions that were asked. If you would like to get some hands on help with Arduino, join us at our Makerspace Open House held every Monday at 7 p.m.


Rather than using the traditional Arduino IDE. We used a website called Codebender. Coebender saves lots of time by only taking about 5 minutes to setup rather than 30 miutes to download and install the program locally on your computer. They have an extension for your web browser that allows use of the USB ports to write to the Arduino board.


We were able to go from a simple “Blink” Sketch that blinks an LED all the way to using an RGB LED that has 3 different colors in one single component. We also used, a potentiometer and a photoresitor to read digital and analog inputs.


Come in next Saturday, June 25th for the second part of the Arduino Bootcamp.