Web Development Class Off to a Great Start!

This past Saturday we had the first of 5 classes for our professional web development company. The first class was basic HTML and the web.  It was probably our most attended class yet!  There were 23 people total in attendance of all ages and experience.  We had kids, teens, adults, and seniors all with no experience and some that were professional programmers.  One of the great things that came out of the class was when someone said, “wow I’ve been programming for years and just learned something at a beginner HTML class.”  We keep noticing that the best thing about the makerspace is learning together and from each other.  Never stop learning!  We’re looking forward to next Saturday’s class from 1-5 pm as we’ll start talking about Javascript and making web sites do fun, interactive things.  RSVP here if you’re coming to save a seat: https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Makerspace-Florida-USA/events/240224931/

Here’s a few photos from the class:

20170617_131236 20170617_131243 20170617_131332 20170617_131350 20170617_144217 20170617_144320 20170617_144652_001