Giant Tetris

Ahmed Reza of Trep Hub approached Melbourne Makerspace and proposed the idea of creating a Giant Tetras game that could be played using a smart phone at a distance.  So Dale went to JAYCON (then next door to Makerspace) and bought the NEOPIXELs and an ARDUINO LEONARDO to drive them.  Down loaded some software. Then fired up the string of RGB pixels.  It worked while on the spool.

After some wood work by Tony, we (Cody, Brian and Dale) cut and hot glued the strips to a black painted wood board. Then we wired them up and connected it to the ARDUINO LEONARDO and it worked.  We downloaded more software and we are able operate the array as a marquee displaying “Welcome to Melbourne Makerspace”.

Start Date: 2014-05-12

Status: In Progress

Authority: Ahmed Reza

Lead Maker: Tony Bellomo

Purpose: Promotional device for Trep Hub.

MMS Giant Tetirs (1)The 1st prototype display matrix.


MMS Giant Tetirs (2)The ARDUINO LEONARDO board that drives the display. The buttons are not connected yet.

MMS Giant Tetirs (3) Detail of the display matrix.

Video’s of the display matrix in operation.



Also look at the other Melbourne Makerspace videos on YouTube because the have the display matrix in the background.

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