Makers Love Board Games Too!

Who would have guessed there would be so many members at a makerspace that also loves board games? We put up a post to have a board game night on and in our member Google hangout thinking there would be three or four other members that would like to play some board games. We had over twelve people sign up but still had eight people there last Wednesday. We had two different games going on at any given time and managed to play four different games in one night. We played Concept, Polarity, Lifeboat, and Cthulhu Dice. One member brought the new Ogre “future tank battle” game with over 1000+ parts. It has some assembly required so after spending about an hour to get 60% through he gave up and started playing Lifeboat. As many of us are Steve Jackson game fans we’ll hopefully get to play it next time! We’re going to start making every other Wednesday that’s not Show n Tell board game night. So if you have a game you’d like to play bring it on in and pitch it to the group. We found out we all have fairly large collections of games that barely overlap so there’s always something new to play! We each brought in two or three games and just asked who wanted to play which game and just played it. Eventually we’ll probably figure out some sort of game queue or schedule but right now it is just ad-hoc “who wants to play this game?” kinda thing. Feel free to drop by and check out the space and play some board games while you’re there. Our next board game night should be Wednesday, August 20th. Keep an eye on or our website for changes.















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