DIY Stand Up Paddle Board

As another great example of a project one of our members used our space and tools to create is a stand up paddle board.  Instead of buying one they were able to build one with just a few supplies and the hot wire foam cutter tool that a different member at the makerspace built for other foam cutting projects.

By designing out the plans then drawing it out on strips of paper the first step was to cut out the ribs and spine pieces with the correct curves and lines.  Then cutting out the main body top and bottom from full sheets of foam board insulation was one of the bigger tasks.  To get the side edge pieces cut right to the edge of the ribs they laid a wooden dowel and a flat metal yardstick on the ribs and just drug the hot wire right across them for a perfect cut.

They then used glue to get all the ribs and pieces together.  Once that was dry the final step of getting the skin on with fiberglass resin had to be done outside because of the fumes.

After that dried it was time for a test and it worked great!  Another awesome DIY project made at Melbourne Makerspace!

The full album with all the pictures can be found here: