Coder Dojo is a Hit!

Our Coder Dojo classes are the most attended of all. We had to get out our spare folding chairs from the closet to be able to seat every one. These classes are all absolutely free and geared to kids ages 10 and up, but if they are younger and still interested bring them anyway as there is no age limit to learning.

The first 5 classes were an intro to programming using Python. The fifth class was an intro to hardware programming using the Makeruno arduino project board. Since the Makeruno board has a buzzer speaker built in so of course we had to teach the kids how to make them make lots of noise! Everyone loved building “annoy Tony” machines. Take a look at this video to see them all working at once.

Our current Coder Dojo classes are going over HTML, CSS, and Javscript so everyone can learn to make web sites, web apps, and even browser based video games.
Contact us if you’d like to learn more about coming to our free classes to learn a valuable skill for software, robotics, and hardware programming.

Here’s a link to the full album will all the photos from our Coder Dojo classes:
First Coder Dojo series:

Second Coder Dojo series: