Wood Shop Expands

Expanded into the warehouse bay next door
Woodshop Angle
A little better detail of woodshop. This is functional, but definitely a work-in-progress project of its own.
‘If you are going to be a bear, better be a Grizzly!’ The Grizzly table saw is one of the most popular features of the woodshop.
Central Vacuum
This Sucks! Thankfully, yes it does suck. A centralized vacuum helps keep dust under control.

Currently in the works is a central PVC pipe system to feed into the vacuum dust collection equipment.

Joiner Planer
Joiner Planer helps make the ‘perfect fit’ for some projects.
Wood Chop Saw
We have a dedicated chop saw for wood with an adjustable stand.
Air Compressors
The large air compressor is fixed location. Smaller portable compressor is available.