Thomas Hogan 2015-08-10

Welcome new member, Thomas Hogan, 2015-08-10


Facilities Infrastructure Manager

Project/Process Supervision

United States Air Force”

Software Language – HTML 4, Software Language – HTML 5, Software – Systems Design, Software – Windows 7, Software – Windows 8, Software – Raspberry Pi, Networking – Router Configuration, Soldering – Free Wire, Soldering – Desoldering, Hand Tools, Software – Systems Design, Video – Editing “-computer repair / technology servicing

-computer troubleshooting/Systems integration
-graphic design principles UX/UI
-vector art/digital art
-Comic Books” “- to collaborate on projects
– motivation to finish design ideas
– meet like minded makers” Teach Class, Booth duty at public events., Organize Events., Build Makerspace projects.,

Transport people or equipment.


Thomas Hogan 2015-08-10
Thomas Hogan 2015-08-10