Intro to Programming with Python classes scheduled!

PythonOur next set of classes will be for an introduction to computer programming.  We’ll be using the Python language since it’s one of those that are easy to get started and easy to get something useful built on various devices like Raspberry Pi as well as “Internet of Things” projects.  These classes are for anyone of any level.  So if you’ve never written a single line of code in your life or if you are a seasoned professional code poet / ninja that just wants to add Python to their arsenal this class is for you!  We’ll break it into three classes on the first three Saturdays in June.  The first class will be just getting Python up and running and to hit some of the VERY basics like what is an “if statement” and what good is a “for loop” and how to of course make the computer say “hello world!”  Then we’ll build on what we learned in the first class and start making slightly more complicated programs that use our very own functions like “add these two numbers” or “take this number to the third power” in the second class.  Then we’ll use the third class to explain how to learn new programming languages by just looking up the syntax for those basic things like “if statements” and “for loops”, etc.  If there’s time left at the end we could even show you how to make cool projects with a raspberry pi for example: email you every time your door is opened – with Python!

Don’t forget to RSVP to all three if you can make it (or at least the ones you can make it to) so we can have a head count to get the space ready for everyone.  And of course tell everyone you know that would be interested about these classes so they can RSVP too.

Class 1:
Class 2:
Class 3:

We’ll see you there!