Escape Room Testing

Escape rooms are all the rage right now – Basically, you are put in a room for an hour and you have to decipher a series of clues to help you get to the goal (escaping the room). They are a lot of fun! Using our maker powers including electronics, programming, and woodworking, we have built an escape room that will be opening in October in Dania Beach and we need your help to test the props!


This past Saturday, one of members Tony showed off a huge project where he is aiding in the creation of an Escape Room. He created a number of different interactive props that all revolved around a central theme of being backstage at a concert and trying to get a VIP pass.


We held 3 different grouped sessions to run through the props and test to make sure they worked properly. There was only one prop that wasn’t functioning as it should but even without that prop, everyone had a ton of fun going through everything and solving all the puzzles. _mg_0621



Everyone enjoyed the experience and had a lot of great ideas on improving the game play. There were a few puzzles that were tougher than others and our testers let us know. Over all everyone was able to solve the game between 30-40 minutes.


Afterwards, Tony showed off how everything worked. Some things were set up using simple Arduinos and others were set up to use a Raspberry Pi running a custom program using Windows IoT.