Communications Center

MMS ComCen 2014-11-20

Melbourne Makerspace is building a Communications Center (ComCen).


2014-12-03 Dale Noble

The Communications Center is fully operational.  The antenna mount was completed. The cables were run and connected. First reception was at 16:04 local. First two way voice was at 18:10 local.

Many thanks to the members that helped with the Communications Center. Tony, Jeff, Jack, Brian, Neil, Dave and Gene.

We have operational:




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2014-12-01 Dale Noble

The antenna mount structure is complete. What remains is to paint the frame, seal the wood parts, attach the antennas and wire them up. Then the big job. Raise the mount and place it on the roof rim. Then run the cables to the ComCen and attach them to the transceivers. I am looking in to renting a man lift to place the mount.

Located in the front office of our building. It will be designed to support wired and wireless communications. The list of communications types may include.

Amateur Radio (HAM)

Citizens Band (CB)

FM Broadcast Radio (low power)

AM Broadcast Radio

HDTV Broadcast.

Public WIFI internet access, different from member access.

Marine Radio.


Live video feed, 24 x 7,  from the inside of Melbourne Makerspace.

Comments and suggestions are invited.

MMS FrontOffice

Antenna Roof Saddle Mount



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