Arduino Uno

Arduino Class Wrap Up

Arduino Uno The Arduino classes are over with nearly 30 students participating.  We had lots of fun sharing the knowledge on everything from the very beginning basics for how to use an Arduino to make a light blink up to advanced topics like making fully autonomous fighting robots.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the format of the classes held at the Melbourne Makerspace with lots of students helping each other from time to time as well as several members floating around for hands on, one-on-one help.  If anyone has anything to add, remove, or change about the class, topics covered, format, or anything make sure to leave a comment below or email us.  For those that need to go back and visit any of the previous topics or see the documents or source code you can visit James Dinsmore’s Arduino website:

Remember the main Arduino site is here.

The site for the Grove Shield and modules and their instructions/data sheets is here.

A link directly to the Arduino programming language reference is here.