Building Pinewood Derby Cars!

Last Saturday we had an open house for building Pinewood Derby Cars for our Pinewood Derby Unleashed event!

We had quite a group of people from kids to adults building their cars. There were many different techniques used. Some used traditional woodworking techniques.


Others used other non-conventional ways of creating their cars. Some used the tools of the Makerspace to CNC their creations.


Being an UNLEASHED event, there are no rules during their review regarding to propulsion or weight. (Just no pyrotechnics, for safety.)


Those without any electrical knowledge are using the power of mass and gravity to move their cars down the track.


After the building was finished, we had a little car decorating area with paints to give your car the finished look you want.


Others were able to do a few test runs on their cars to see how fast they really were.


Come check out the races on  Saturday February 20th. You can bring your own car or just come to watch the fun!