Brass keys die and ACON lives Monday 2015-04-13 5:00 PM

ACON – Goes Live Monday April 13, 2015, 5:00 PM

After that, (brass) key access will not be possible. Only RFID cards will work.

You must have an RFID card after that date and time.

ALSO, to exit the building and not plaster your face on the door, you must press the EXIT button on the ACON box.

The system operates now (card access only) when the blue switch is in the up position. When the switch is up (Magnet Enabled) use the EXIT button to exit.  If the EXIT button fails to release the door within one (1) second, use the magnet deactivation switch.

The RED light indicates that the magnet is on.  The RED light must be off for the door to opened.  Having the door open while the RED light is on is OK.  The door will secure itself when it is closed.

The RFID card reader is located behind the glass, behind the black and gray lock box. You may not have to remove your RFID card from your wallet to have it scanned. Just place your wallet between the black box and the glass.

There is a 16×2 character display next to the RFID reader. It will give you status information.  It is difficult to read in the daylight.

Members are requested to start scanning their RFID cards now every time they enter the building.

If you do not have a card, or your card does not indicate that access is granted, then please contact Josh, Tony or Dale we will correct the problem.

Continue to use your key to secure the door if you are the last one out and make sure the blue switch is DOWN.

Policy of operations will be published prior to the system going on line.

Your comments and suggestions are invited.

ACON – Access Control
ACON – Access Control