Welcome new member, Michael Young, 2015-08-05

Welcome new member, Michael Young

Marine Salvage/Boat delivery

Soldering – PCB Through Hole, Hand Tools, Welding – Flux Core, Welding – MIG, Welding – TIG, Welding – Arc Stick, Welding – GAS Brazing, Welding – GAS Cutting, Machine – Metal Lathe, Machine – Metal Drill Press, Machine – Table Saw Wood, Machine – Mill 2.5D, Machine – Band  Saw, Video – Camera Operation, Video – Editing, Video – Voice over

I came up with a Million $ Idea for an extremely limited market and have very few electronic skills.

I can barely build the circuit and need some direction. I also have too many other projects to build, and the makerspace workshop seems to be a great place to make it all happen.

Booth duty at public events., Build Makerspace projects.

Mike Young 2015-08-06

Mike Young 2015-08-06