Our Best Show and Tell Night Yet!

Tonight was probably the biggest turnout with the most projects to show and tell about than we’ve ever had.20140618-223758-81478826.jpg




Josh Pritt showed his Zumo “mini sumo” robot and the wooden arena he made for them to compete on (with help from Tony Bellomo and his circle cutting jig.) If anyone wants to build a mini sumo bot to compete feel free to do so!





Dale Noble showed his N-System project with the erector set style metal parts with pre-drilled flush mount holes to make it easy to build enclosures and supports for your projects. Each part is very strong and could support some very large, industrial size projects. This is another example of a new product and business that are sometimes started at makerspaces. We hope to see this project grow into something big.




James Dinsmore showed his box frame built from a MakerBeam kit. This is similar to the N-System project only smaller and less industrial – made for smaller projects. This is available on Amazon and other places.



Josh Pritt then showed the LEAP motion controller and how you can write your own applications or existing application interface for more natural gestures and interface. A few people like Arlo really enjoyed just playing with the visualizer.



Finally Dale Noble, Tony Bellomo, Brandon Holme, Ahmed Raza, and Coby all worked together on the giant tetris build and showed off the board with super bright and very colorful LEDs. We all agreed it was hypnotic and put it to some dubstep music.


A fun time was had by all. I hope our next show and tell on July 2nd is just as great!

About Joshua Pritt

Taught myself how to program Applesoft BASIC when I was 12. Been programming in various languages ever since.

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